I am a graphic designer with experience in advertising design, logo design, and print and web layout. Along with design, I work in various traditional art mediums, including painting, drawing, and photography. I do a mix of personal and freelance work, and I love all of it!



My design work has a strong base in studio art including both drawing and painting. However, while my studio work approaches specific thematic concepts, my design work is less thematic and changes based on the content of the project. The commonality throughout my designs are found in their functionality, structure and use of color. The work is typically clean and structured, with flat color and a heavy emphasis on balance.

Recently my work has focused on a renewal of historical locations and businesses through a process of photography and subsequent illustration in order to render contemporary design pieces. This work maintains characteristics of balance, use of color, and function found in my other work. It also combines the artistic side of the illustrations with a personal interest in history and local community. The project has enabled me to find a contemporary use for formerly obsolete documentary images. Within this project I work to create higher levels of detail while still keeping the flat use of color and order with which the pieces began and which gives them their identity.

The theme throughout in my work is found in my desire to connect an audience to a concept through the piece itself. Functionality is key, and I look at design as a challenge to create an art piece with a practical application. Whether I am creating a piece for advertisement purposes, or a design that is purely artistic, a consistent style in the piece itself combined with thoughtful use of color, order and balance is of primary importance.


If you would like to work with me on projects or have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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